Inspire Online is an ultimate

"Real-Time Production Monitoring System"

which not only simplifies data aquisition and monitoring but also provides modern cutting edge tools and reports for effective management and planning.

It bags a

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition)

equipped Industrial Control System which has key use in Engineering Industries that involve a production line or an assembly process. Inspire System includes all the necessary software and hardware for successful

floor monitoring,

fault detection,

resource planning,

real-time progress tracking,

portfolio & task allocation,

visual operator alerts,

cloud access,

SMS alerts


detailed reports.

Inspire was initially developed for

garment industries

, but its need in the Engineering Industries is indispensable. The system not only saves reports and data but also has modern

cloud capabilities

providing you

remote access

via internet thus enabling effective management of the company. In cases where internet access is not feasible, Inspire provides

SMS alerts

so that you and your system always stay connected.

Inspire Online ERP SCADA Automation System
Inspire features a simple to use Graphical User Interface that reduces stress and provides an easy learning curve. Our technical support team are always eager to assist our humble clients. Feel free to contact us for a complete demonstration of the product.
Inspire Online is a state of the art, all round, real time, floor monitoring system which brings to you features that make managing, report generation, employee performance monitoring, fault analysis, production line balancing etc.. a breeze.

It features everything starting from automatic task completion sensors, task progress monitoring AI, fault detection, visual progress alerts, task planning & work allocation software tools, report generation, resource utilization graphs to remote access and sms alerts.

Product Features

Data Acquisition

  • Automatic sensor detection and visual alerts allows floor management for continuous monitoring of workers and production.
  • Improve production line performance, analyze production schedules, perform line balancing and predict bottlenecks before they occur.
  • Get Notifications at various levels of management, view display modules, visual alerts and progress graph, giving your company value-added inputs to increase efficiency from all resources available.
  • Manual Operator clock in and out at each device helps to provide a more accurate time calculation and management for employees.
  • Motivates & empower employees to become confident and productive in their jobs by establishing utilization and efficiency graphs to back up salary bonus claims.

Real-Time Management

  • Server gathers production data on real time basis and informs the management about the production status of each and every operator.
  • The information from the Inspire is aimed at helping managers and a supervisor to get pinpoint information, enabling them to manage the factory with more efficiency.
  • Generates reports and effectively manage & plan tasks to maximize production capacity. Cut time and labor costs by eliminating computation error.
  • Record and map daily & weekly progress, by line / department / factory / order.
  • Generate a worker skill database based on resource utilization reports and use it effectively to allocate future tasks.
  • Supports continuous process improvement by generating rapid metrics and tools you need thus providing you cost savings.
  • Production line balancing helps productivity increase through quick response & prediction of bottlenecks, thus enabling you to manage more production lines, to give reduced operation costs and improved efficiency .

Cloud Access

  • Online production status: Collects and sums up latest order completion status and provides instant information from all branches.
  • Remote branch monitoring: Allows multi-factory monitoring wherever you are and checks up on daily factory output through the internet or over local area networks.
  • Quality Control by Online identification of machine operators who commit defects and thereby save rework costs.
  • Get SMS alerts on specific events keeping you posted of the developments in your company.
Inspire Features, Real time production monitoring, remote access,
                            detailed reports

Inspire Online, ultimate floor monitoring system, 
                            working, flowchart
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